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the art and craft of writing music:

A work in progress of an evolving collection of ideas about composing, arranging, scoring, and producing music, as well as some other related topics.

This web book is divided into two main sections:

  1. the book – a collections of “chapters” which contain some of my ideas about writing music, from fairly mundane to high-level thoughts. I haven’t tried to make this a comprehensive instructional guide, but I’ve organized things into topics that I find myself discussing often with other writers and students. This is a work in progress so the content may grow and change over time.
  2. scores and recordings – a collection of my work, organized by recording project, that might be useful to the reader in light of the ideas in the book. You can get information about each project and there are links to Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming sites if you want to listen to the entire record and perhaps purchase recordings. I’ve selected several pieces from each project and you can stream the audio of these pieces and download the scores without leaving this site.

This site is entirely free. I hope you find it an interesting and useful place to visit.

© 2020, M. Nicholl