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8. rehearsal techniques


This chapter deals presents some general rehearsal techniques and some thoughts about conducting an ensemble that has a rhythm section. There’s a lot of information in this chapter, so rather than giving a summary of the contents, here’s an outline:

  1. Preparing for the rehearsal
  • Analyze and mark your score
  • Set the tempo
  • Set the count off

2. Kicking off (starting) the tune:

3. General rehearsal techniques

  • Work from big to small
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Be the leader but not a dictator
  • Allow your personal style as a director to emerge
  • Communicate clearly
  • Be positive, but not patronizing
  • Be clear about what you’re rehearsing and why

4. Conducting

  • Conducting time
  • The beat pattern
  • Giving cues
  • Conducting practice

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