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1. art and craft


Writing music involves both craft and art, technique, and artistry. The process of writing music, from the conception of a musical idea to the finished form of the piece of music, is – at its best – the expression of a seamless union of creativity and skill. Your craft should allow you the freest and most accurate expression of your art. In this way, art transcends technique and music ventures forth into the world as free and unfettered by the writer’s technical limitations as possible.

  • the writer as practicing musician – like an instrumentalist or singer, the writer is a musician who gains skill through study, practice, and discipline.
  • writing is hard work – writing isn’t easy, and just because it might be difficult for you, that doesn’t mean you’re not good at it. It takes time and effort to write good music.
  • the writer’s craft – in the same way performers do, writers gain technique and craft through experience and hard work.
  • the writer’s artistry – just like developing technique, writers need to work to develop their creativity and artistry. It doesn’t happen magically.

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