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10. managing your libraries


Whatever media you work with – scores and parts, lead sheets or chord charts, lyric sheets, audio demo and reference recordings, DAW files, handwritten sketches – you’re going to generate a lot of material that you will want to keep track of. Here are some thoughts about how to manage your various libraries over the long term. Depending on what kinds of things your write, you will generate files in one or more of these categories:

  1. Notation files (scores, parts, lead sheets, chord charts, lyric sheets, etc.) and miscellaneous files associated with the project (tune lists, budget spread sheets, credits, stage plots, concert information, etc.).
  2. Hard copies of scores, parts, lead sheets, etc.
  3. Stereo audio files of demos, rough mixes, final mixes, etc.
  4. DAW and ProTools files, which may include a lot of high quality audio and samples (meaning these are big files).

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