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Della By Moonlight

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This is the third record Michael and I made together. We picked the instrumentation and started writing in 2009. After Silent Picture, which focused on string writing, we decided to work with winds. We had wanted to do a project with our friend Greg Badolato, a wonderful sax player, so we combined the two ideas.

Album credits:

  • Produced by Michael Farquharson and Matthew Nicholl
  • Basic tracks recorded at Mix One, Boston, MA
  • Engineered by Ted Paduck
  • City Suite and Choro Suite recorded at Futura Productions
  • Engineered by John Weston
  • Additional recording at Playpen Studios, Newton, MA, and CWP studios, Boston, MA
  • Engineered by Michael Farquharson
  • Mixed by Michael Farquharson
  • Mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
  • Art Design by Joe Mola

scores and recordings´╗┐